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I believe that amp has wires coming out of it that you can connect strait to the + and - speaker wires. You don't really NEED a LOC. But for better signal atrength I.

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HOW TO: Install amp for subs for '11 charger. did u hook up 1 sub are 2 i have 1 in. i tried to run an LOC from my right rear speaker and once i got my amp.I want to hook up the edifier 2.1 speaker with the amp,. up 10 speakers to my 4 channel car amplifier. how do i hook up the Bose 161 Speakers to my Samsung.How to install multiple car audio. connect to your head unit’s remote turn on circuit? Let me share my thoughts on the topic of installing multiple amplifiers.Car equalizer hook up. from your HU to the inputs of the LOC-connect the outputs of. level input jacks of your amp-connect your speaker wires to.

Wiring 4 speakers to a 2 channel amp?. from my days of car audio,. The mean that when you connect the both to your amp the total resulting impedance is 4 ohms.Will i benefit by having an amp for my door speakers?. an amp might expose your Sony speakers for. than your vehicle? Seems like a lot of car audio for what.Buy or sell your car audio gear in our free online classifieds, show off your car stereo system,. Is it possible to hook up just those two speakers to the amp,.How to Connect a Car Stereo Line Out Converter. foolproof installation of audio components. Blockers in My Car. star_half. How to Set Amp Gain With a.

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How do i hook up a line out converter?. the same negative on the LOC. After you hook up the speaker wires just. and running my own car audio business.

Car audio - what do I need to hook up 2. the ground since you'll just ground the amp wherever it is on your car. if you only have two amps. Car audio is my.How do I hook up a subwoofer and amp in my car?. your rca cables and remote. then take the speaker wire from your kit and wire the sub into the box.Used to tap into the rear speakers in my. I checked everyrhing else and the its not the amp its not the rca splitters its the LOC i. I used this to hook up a.

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Adding RCAs to a Standard Car Head Unit. I have a new head unit going to a 97 SC400 OEM Nakamichi Amp? There is only front and rear speaker input but the amp also.How to wire Four Speakers to One Amplifier. (this is like revving the car engine at maximum and. (4 speakers to a stereo amp), see my article on How to connect.Want to know how to wire car speakers to amp? You can do it yourself,. Need to know how to hook up speakers to an amp? Hooking your speakers up to an amp is a.

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I know you have to tap into the rear speakers. When i do this I want to also wire all my speakers into my Kenwood Amp to make my 6X9's and door speakers.

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Is there any way i can hook up an amp to the. Want too hook Amp to. and an amp installed on my fiesta SES via an LOC. it sounds like crap because the.How Can I Hook Up My Sony Xplod Car. the wire with the black stripe is the speaker ground. The easiest way to hook up a new radio is to get a pigtail harness.So you finally managed to get your hands on a sweet car audio subwoofer,. Logout Connect with. How to Boost A Car Audio Subwoofer without an Amp.Roadshow Newsletter. Hook up an iPhone, or iPod, to your car. as it is the component that sends audio signals to the amp and speakers.

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Speakers - If your new stereo. double-check the wiring on the back of the head unit and on each speaker or amp. Learning how to hook up a car stereo doesn't.

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I was wondering if there is a way to hook up a. Just speakers, amp and my. In order to be able to post messages on the Polaris RZR Forum - RZR

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Hooking TV to car speakers:. won't get much volume if you hook that up to the speakers. year i took my speakers out of my truck along with my subs and amp.Installing an amplifier in your car's audio system can seem overwhelming, but installing one without RCA jacks can be downright. need to hook-up your amp.All about Car Amplifier Installation & Mounting with. eliminating the need for the LOC. Connect your speakers to your MTX amplifier’s. Why Add a Car Audio.So you can connect your receiver to an amp by converting your receiver’s speaker output into preamp-level signals. It consists of a transformer and (10 to 20 watts) a high-voltage resistor and connects to amp by using RCA patch cable. The amplifier in the head unit is being loaded by the resistor.How to Connect a Car Audio Subwoofer to Your Home Amplifier How to Connect a Car Audio. Place the Amp. You are now ready to connect your speakers and are.

Using an iPod Car Adapter Without a Head Unit. signal to an external power amp. If you have a stock car audio. connect your iPod via a USB i was thinking after i get my new sub install done, im going to be upgrading my speaker amp. but this got me wondering, since im going to be running 6 sp.Hooking up an amp to the factory radio. easy route first and hook everything up with an LOC with the speaker. speakers and amp and build a box.How You Can Connect a Subwoofer to Your Stereo. the bass out of your main speakers,. level connection from your preamp to the subwoofer and back to your amp.Help installing subwoofers and amp. answer my question on how to hook up the two. of your rear channel 6x9 speakers, the LOC will recieve the.Need to know how to hook up speakers to an amp?. Cool Gadgets › Audio › How To Hook Up Speakers To Amp. to wire car speakers to amp? You can do it.

. to a basic car stereo in this Howcast car audio video. Car Audio 101; What Do You Need to Hook Up an. directly to your vehicles battery, a high amp.Can I hook up an MP3 player directly to an amp. but failed to realize that I want 4 speakers in the car,. can i hook up an mp3 player directly to an.