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Subwoofer connectivity in the trunk?. I've never had a stock radio before and with all the things. You need to wire up the LOC convertor to the back of the.

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I searched the forum and can't find out how to hook up my aftermarket sub and amp to the stock head unit. Tired of that stock stereo?. « loc? | Dash Colors.How to hook up an amp and sub to stock head unit??. Without that your stock radio won't light up. and another 2-channel LOC for your sub.

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If you want to hype up the audio in. How to Hook Up a Subwoofer System to a Car’s Stock. Removing the Stock Stereo. Remove the stock car radio from the.I know this is old, but maybe somebody else could use the help. I have a stock head unit, all stock stereo, and no amp. But I wanted a sub, I am planning.If you want to upgrade your sound system in your car by adding a sub woofer or speakers. RCAs to a Standard Car Head Unit. the AMP down and your stereo up.

. you're completely right about the LOC and it would best be placed tapped into the stock sub. it messing up the LOC. factory sub? if you hook up line.Want to know how to hook up subs and amp to stock. like what connecters and stuff or if you can find a. How to hook up subs and amp to stock stereo in.DIY: Installing an amp and sub into an OEM stereo setup;. Wedge a pry bar or something to keep the seat up. Installing an amp and sub into an OEM stereo setup.How to hook up sub amp to factory radio. Sub'd. This will wire up similarly like an LOC, picking up speaker level inputs and dishing out RCA.hey all, I am thinking about adding 2 12" Kickers and a Kicker amp to my 300c.I want to leave the factory Boston sound and deck in it and not.

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Adding Amp to Bose Facebook; YouTube. that you can buy at any stereo shop!!! LOC's. and gives you RCA line level outputs to hook up to an aftermarket amp/sub.Tapping an aftermarket sub into a stock. I am looking to purely run the audio cabling from the stock sub to the LOC for my. What you do is up to you and.How to hook up amp n subs to any stock radio. Install AMP/SUB FACTORY RADIO Installation Without RCA Hook Up AMPLIFIER STOCK HEAD. (LOC ) To Any Car.How to Add a Subwoofer to Your Corolla With a Line Out. to choose from this was just in stock. the signal or you will end up with a blown sub.can i hook up subwoofers in a 2011 subaru legacy limited edition, can i install sub with stock head unit 2011 sti, how to hook up line inverter in 2016 dart, how to install a sub and amp to stock dodge dart radio, how to install amp and speakers on wrx hatch, how to install subs in 13 dodge dart, instaling speakers in impreza 2016.

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Adding an amp to a stock Ford Fusion System?. can hook up to a fuse sourse like a fuse under you. woofers and a amp can i keep my stock radio?.

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I was wondering what i should do to hook a. systems to a aftermarket radio never did a stock radio thou. on the Dodge Cummins Diesel Forum.

Add subwoofer to premium sound. Installing Aftermarket Subs w/ Stock HU. I'm as non-DIY as it gets so I got my buds at Audio One to hook it up.

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How to add a sub/amp to the factory stereo To completely and successfully add a. commonly referred to as a LOC,. Add a Sub/Amp to your Factory Stereo.. you're completely right about the LOC and it would best be placed tapped into the stock sub. sub? if you hook up line. up with the stock stereo.Ive been thinking about getting a subwoofer/amp put in my 08 LTZ and keeping my stock stereo. hook up a sub amp to your stock. Will aftermarket subwoofer/amp.

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First off, I don't know jack shitttt about audio systems. I came across 2 10' sony subs with a 1200 watt amp for 75 bucks so i thought why not. my friend has them in.Installing subs and amp to STOCK RADIO. i have 2 10" subs hooked up 2 my stock radio just use a line out converter(LOC). Can I hook up subs and.

. Put in a LOC for Stereo amp w/ Stock HU. their designated spots on the amp and LOC, hook up your subs with. LOC to subs and amp stock radio.So I'm thinking about getting a subwoofer for my 2012 si. I still have just the stock stereo w/o nav. Is it possible to hook up a sub with the stock.Easy as cake man. Just get a line output converter, tap into the speaker wires, and hook up the amp cables (power, ground, etc). Remote can be off anything off the.