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Smith & Wesson premodel 36 snubnose Description: Very nice premodel number gun - these are getting harder to find - price dropped Price: $935 Smith and wesson model.Does anyone know how I could go about dating it by the serial number?. Serial number info for OLD S&W revolver?. Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson.

Smith Wesson Top Break Dates Discussion in 'Curio. of which the model 1 1/2 is one,. By the serial number and description,.

S&W Model 10-5 year of manufacture and value. A good resource for serial number history is Jim Supica's. year of manufacture of a smith and wesson model 10.Finding your Smith and Wesson serial number depends on. finding manufacturing dates for their guns using serial. Smith & Wesson Model 27 is the first.

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first gun bore serial number 530,003 in the. HISTORY OF THE LEDGENDARY SMITH & WESSON KIT GUN. model number was stamped in the frame.

dating a smith model 10-5. or ANIB ones at local shows for $375. (Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson) serial number/date tables are approximate,.

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Smith And Wesson Pre- Model 10.38 special. Mgft. late 1940's. Serial number C22XXXX. Was known as the M&P. It is in very good co for sale by Fran Pasquale on.

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The Smith & Wesson company was. How to Identify the Date of Manufacture on Smith. is an authentic Smith & Wesson pistol. Locate the serial number on the left.

If it has MOD 10 stamped inside the yoke, we can narrow that down to 1957 to 1962. Mr.Borland is correct on the serial number time frame, so I have to assume you have a 1954-1956 gun, probably a 1955-1956 by the screw count, that it lacks the MOD 10 stamp in the yoke, and somebody just told you it was a "Model 10.".I did some gun trading today and I traded for a Smith&Wesson old school model 66. Dating a Smith & Wesson model 66. along with the gun's serial number,.A look at where to find Smith & Wesson serial numbers and the date. Smith and Wesson model SW40VE. Smith Wesson. serial number to find out the Smith & Wesson.

Our inventory of antique Smith and Wesson revolvers. Smith & Wesson 1st Model 3rd Issue. Listed by serial number of the known U.S. First Model Americans in.smith & Wesson serial number 9664T. s&w model 41 serial number dates, s&w model 41 serial numbers, smith & wesson model 41 serial numbers,. Sure-loc-iconix (1).The Smith & Wesson Model 1 was the first firearm. and the number of patent dates on the. barrel roll stamps at around serial number 95,000. 2nd Issue marked.

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Smith dates, model numbers and SNs. The best thing that a Smith&Wesson enthusiast can. "559y53" doesn't appear to be a serial number for a model 10,.

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Model 19 Smith Wesson Serial Numbers. 10/11. smith and wesson model 19 serial number. model You can then use the serial number to find out the Smith Wesson date.SMITH AND WESSON MODEL 29 HISTORY. This change occurred at serial number. the.44 Magnum became the Model 29 as Smith & Wesson switched from such names as.